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Think Tank was established by following three core values:

  • Every child is unique. If you take the time with each child to form a unique and positive bond, they will want to learn from you.

  • Meet the child where they are at with a skill, show them how to grow, and encourage them to take their skills further.

  • Provide each child with a safe space, the right tools, and regular practice - they will learn from you and show you their growth.

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Embracing the Social Model of Disability

The Social Model of Disability explains that people are disabled by barriers imposed upon them by society and highlights that people are disabled by their environments and circumstance.

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Open Door Policy

An open-door policy is a great way to make sure important information and feedback reaches the staff who can take that information and make changes as needed.

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For many children with disabilities, it is especially difficult to communicate. It is our responsibility as parents, adults, teachers, or therapists to protect, advocate for, and enable those rights.

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Caregiver-Professional Collaboration

As we work as a transdisciplinary centre, parent-professional collaboration is a high priority. When parents participate in education, students increase both in achievement and attitude.

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Parent Handbook

Learn more about the core values, programming, policies and codes of conduct for Think Tank Therapy. Please also visit our FAQ page for additional information.