Think Therapy Therapy is an extension of Tots with Thoughts, which was founded by Michelle Gallagher, our Clinical Director. She is a wife to David and a mother of three children, Ellie, Anna and Jeffery-David. Two of her children have an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. She opened up her home to give children and families quality behavior therapy at an affordable rate. Michelle created Think Tank Therapy to be able to provide therapy to more children in the community with the same morals and values of Tots with Thoughts. 

Meet Our Team!


Michelle Gallagher

Clinical Director

RBT (20-115893)

Michelle has ten years experience in the field of supporting adults and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Michelle completed an Apprenticeship program to be a Disability Support Worker in Alberta Canada. She continued her education to be a Registered Behaviour Technician with the Geneva Centre. Michelle is currently building her resume as a qualified DIRFloortime® therapist. She has a passion for strength-based programming with the learning aspect of ABA principles and ethics. She continuously educates herself every chance she gets. As a mom of two children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder she has a great understanding of what families face in their day to day lives. She has created many programs within Think Tank Therapy to support families as a whole, not only the child with a diagnosis. Her future goals are to further her education by becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 

Samantha Grabko

Clinical Coordinator

Samantha has found great joy in supporting people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In November 2018 Samantha attained a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Toronto studying Neuroscience and Molecular Biology. She then went on to complete a fast-track Advanced Diploma program in Behavioural Science from St. Lawrence College where she had placement experience with primary age children ranging in abilities. Samantha has experience working with an agency supporting adults with ASD and has worked for Tots with Thoughts for over a year. She believes early intervention should be fun and can make incredible changes in a child’s early life and into their future.

Kaily Crump

Senior Therapist

Kaily has a passion for working with children. She was first inspired to work alongside children and families when she began volunteering at Grandview Kids in 2009. Since then, Kaily has explored the dominant ideologies surrounding disability. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Child Development where she researched and wrote her Thesis on the representation of disabilities in children's picture books though the lens of Critical Disability Theory. Kaily was first introduced to ABA therapy when she worked as an Instructor Therapist. It was clear to her early on that there are many benefits to this type of therapy. Currently, Kaily dedicates her time to working part-time as a Therapeutic Recreation Assistant at Grandview. Kaily is excited to work alongside families at Think Tank Therapy while focusing heavily on a strength-based, family centred approach to practice.  

Maria Relucio, PhD

BCBA Certification Number: 1-19-34764

Maria is a trained academic for almost two decades. She initially cultivated her love for Philosophy and then took further studies in Philosophy of Education and Theory and Policy Studies in Education (Master of Arts) and Social Justice Education (Doctor of Philosophy) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. 


She has, as an academic and educator, encountered diverse students and learners in the classroom. These encounters have drawn her to go back to the etymological meaning of Education, which is "drawing from within". A way of educating is by cultivating strengths from within and attending to the individual's needs. Thus, her philosophy as an Educator and as Board Certified Behaviour Analyst follows the reflection of Og Lindsley, founder of Precision Teaching and student of BF Skinner, "the child knows best” (Lindsley, 1972) and the learner is always right.  


Her own lived experiences as a parent and a professional made her choose the fields of Behaviourism and Applied Behaviour Analysis as routes to claim social justice and ethics in Education. She finished her verified course sequence from Florida Institute of Technology). She holds on to the commitment to success through the evidence-based practice that ABA embraces, as she serves clients and their families as well as trains professionals and paraprofessionals in this field. Her areas of practice are ABA and ABA Service Delivery (Assessment, Planning, supervision of Implementation and Evaluation) for children diagnosed with autism and other related diagnoses and Behavioural Education (Behavioural Approaches to Education, Behaviour Analytic Consultation to Schools and ABA in schools/classrooms). She is trained in the Verbal Behaviour Approach, the use of Stimulus Equivalence and Relational Frame Theory. Her other areas of special interest are Organisational Behaviour Management (OBM) and Ethics and the practice of ABA to the vulnerable population and its links to Social Justice.   

Sarah Libertini

Speech and Language Pathologist

Willow Tree Speech and Language

Laura Brooks

Speech and Language Pathologist

Sage Cryderman

Speech and Language Pathologist

Meghan Armsworthy

Communication Disorder Assistant

Sarah Masters



Paige Pascoe

Instructor Therapist/Senior Therapist in Training

Kristina Pickering

Future Registered Behaviour Technician

Jazmin Warner

Future Registered Behaviour Technician

Lorna Grabko

Health and

Safety Officer

Ben Armsworthy



Kara Fuller



Jess Macaskill

Personal Support


Hannah Gadd

Super Star


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