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Specialized Programs for Neurodiverse Children
Our curriculum is built on our core values of embracing uniqueness, meeting children where they are at, and providing a safe space to learn and explore.  We focus on effective programming aligning with the individualized plans we create. Play is the solid base of learning – that is learning about play skills and modalities to understand the environment and interact and socialize with others.

Children do not need an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis to be a part of our programs, only the willingness to learn!

Our warm, bright, and welcoming location help makes children feel at home. Think Tank Therapy's approach uses play-based and natural environment teaching to make sure our children enjoy their childhood while receiving appropriate developmental learning with the utmost care. Our staff support all aspects of the family's needs with parent training and support groups. 

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Think Tank's Interdisciplinary Therapy Program is built on our core values for effective therapy aligning with the individualized therapy plans we create. It integrates evidence-based therapies from three disciplines - Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech and Language Therapy (SLP), and Occupational Therapy (OT). We believe that having autism or any other form of developmental diversity is a part of your identity and should be cherished like all other forms of individuality in society. Parental involvement and engagement are also a vital component to establishing and meeting the goals of each individual child. 

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Think Tank's Social Skills Program is a specialized social and life skills program created for children and growing young adults with neurodiversity. Particularly for children with autism spectrum disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, and other developmental and emotional health differences, it is difficult to navigate the social environments of everyday. Based on techniques used in evidence-based clinical practice, our Social Skills Program is a safe place to introduce and support children on their journey through the social world of today.

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Our Toddlers n' Training program is the perfect introduction to Think Tank Therapy for our younger friends. This starter program is ideal for those currently seeking a diagnosis, or those who have never been in a therapy program before. The focus is fun and play, while our students learn the basics of following the routines and expectations of our group therapy program. Upon completing the 12 week block, your child will be observed by our BCBA, SLP and OT to see if they are equipped with the tools they will need to be successful in our therapy program.